F&B 360

Loyalty and Customer Relations Management

Protel F&B 360 is an advanced software that collects extremely detailed data at the backend for businesses and a solution comprised of applications specially developed for consumer groups of business in the front end. F&B 360 is an “omnichannel” system. In other words your customers can transmit the food and beverage orders they shape according to request via mobile devices, the internet, the call center or kiosks inside your business. Shopping is made more fun and encouraged by making it into a game. Also customers will earn points as they shop and can get the prepared orders without waiting.

While the process is operating, the system tracks the customer behavior and habits and collects detailed information. This data will enable you to manage customer relations more efficiently and you can create more effective campaigns for target audiences with more detail.

What does F&B 360 do?

F&B 360 is a multifaceted solution that diversifies your sales channels, increases your service speed and collects detailed information about the behavior and habits of your customer.

There is a mobile application on the frontend of F&B 360 that is prepared specially for the customers of the particular business. This application has designs and features that are special to the business itself.

Special features like examining the menu, giving an order, making  a payment, earning loyalty points and receiving and using special offers can be utilized here.
With ordering and examining process in game form the shopping experience is made more fun for the customers. While establishing loyalty with customers, the satisfaction of already acquired customers is increased.

  • Complete compatibility with iOS and Android platforms.
  • Easy to use attractively designed interfaces.
  • Mobile payment feature.
  • Examining the menu, submitting an order and paying the tab.
  • Earning points, gifts and special offers.
  • Being informed about promotions and campaigns.

You can increase your service quality with F&B compatible, stylishly designed, state of the art kiosks. The kiosks will enable your customers to look over the menu, give an order and make a payment. You can increase you quality while preventing long queues. The orders given at the kiosk are transmitted directly to the kitchen crew. As a technology based solution this system will attract the attention of the new and younger generation customers.

  • Looking over the menu, giving an order, paying the tab.
  • Queues are reduced while speed and efficiency are increased.
  • Earn points, see existing points.
  • Increase campaign efficiency by raising awareness about existing campaigns.
  • Increase service speed, decrease waiting time.

F&B 360 is completely compatible with MICROS POS systems. Thus the system is able to function with POS systems quickly without the need for additional hardware or software. When MICROS POS compatible operation starts the campaigns in the QR code reading order are recognized and can be applied, the discounts or promotions assigned to the customer are automatically detected and it can also read the discount coupon in media like magazines and brochures.

  • Fast and simple payment process.
  • Perfect customer experience thanks to collaborated systems.
  • Increased service speed.
  • Able to detect discounts, campaigns or special discounts assigned to customer.

With the F&B 360 compatible website custom made for businesses, customers can look over the menu, give orders and pay their tabs over the Internet. In the meantime customers earn loyalty increasing elements like points or stars. If they wish they can see the accumulated points. Businesses can choose the most suitable out of the many aesthetic web site templates available to their own design and brand image and shape the template they have chosen according to their own preferences. Thus they can create a customer experience that perfectly matches the service they provide.

  • Aesthetically pleasing designs of websites.
  • Completely shapeable website templates.
  • Customers earn points from the purchases they make on the website.
  • Customers are able to look over campaigns and promotions.
  • Customers can look over the menu, give an order and pay their tab.

With the professional support of the expert Isnet call center, which is contracted by MICROS, you can get remote support from an expert on call for any problems you may experience. The specialty support provided in the call center services puts calls in order and keeps the waiting time at a minimum. The database enables the system to recognize the customer, and in chain businesses, which branch the call is coming from.

  • The lowest possible waiting time.
  • A crew of experts in their field.
  • Ability to identify business or branch.
  • Application of suitable campaigns for existing channel.

A customer relations management system collects and processes data like when a customer made the most recent purchases, how often they shop, how much they spend in total and on each occasion. With the collection of this type of data you can get closer acquainted with your customer profiles and determine your goals and strategies for the future, with less risks. Being able to get down to a single customer level in the data will enable you to make predictions on which campaigns and promotions will attract the attention of which customers and keep the returns on campaigns at the highest level.

  • Ability to sort customers by demographics and geography.
  • Ability to sort your customers according to certain features and establish efficient and productive communication with them.
  • Ability to create communications, campaigns and promotions directed at customers who match certain criteria among the customer audience.
  • Ability to offer points, stars or incident based campaigns to customers who match certain set criteria.

See information about your customer audience at a single glance with an integrated, plain and easily understood, mostly visual management panel.


While providing your customers with a solution that “makes life easier” this product collects data for you to increase customer satisfaction.

Since it is cloud based there are no additional costs like device and installation costs.

The system prevents long lines waiting to order, increases customer satisfaction and reinforces the brand image. It will save time for both you and your customers.

It will achieve decreased campaign and promotion costs. It will enable more efficient use of marketing channels and budgets.

It is a product that provides a comprehensive approach to critical issues like loyalty management, gaining customers and marketing channel management.

By enabling you to provide your customers with, and announce, campaigns that match their habits it will prevent any dissatisfaction caused by incorrect or irrelevant communication.



The F&B 360 based mobile Starbucks application enables users to pay using a QR code, look over the available food and beverages and start earning points by assigning their existing Starbucks cards to the application or creating a new Starbucks card.


Fast payments can be made by adding a balance at the cash register via credit card application with a QR code


The Starbucks application allows customers to earn points and free items with every order.


Doromco, not only acquired a web site to represent the enteprise in the most effective way but also started to offer useful features to its customers and is able to take online orders.



Doromco customers can examine the latest items and up-to-date prices on Doromco web site and place their orders as they wish.



Customers, who place orders can earn and spend points according to campaigns and promotions determined by Doromco.


Either credit cards or food cards… Pick a payment option and pay with your chosen option at your door during the delivery. 

Who Are We?

Protel, the company which presented the F&B 360 to the food and beverage sector, was founded in 1989, when digital clocks weren’t even widespread in Turkey and the hospitality sector was just being introduced to electronic cash registers. Within a short time the company started supplying the products of world leader companies in the information sector to the hospitality sector.

Protel, which became an infrastructure and service provider to the hospitality sector over time, started producing its own software with the motto that “we can do it too”.

Protel is not standing still, it is now expanding abroad with its own software, because Protel believes: We can do it; we must do it!

1989Year of foundation
2004The partnership of Micros
2005financially approved cash register
2016F&B 360

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